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"Belonging is being a part of something bigger than yourself; but it's also the courage to stand alone & belong to yourself, above all else." 

You belong at The Hive

There are many ways to give back... Consider giving your time by getting involved as a volunteer. Join our Cycle Breakers alumni group and lend your support to others walking the same path. Make a financial donation to our cause.

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Breaking the cycle means ending repetitive patterns of trauma for your family. Cycle Breakers is an alumni group that comes together to support one another and those who may still be fighting.

To be a Cycle Breaker, one must have either completed 12 weeks of Raising Resilience and consistently been involved with Roots & Wings for 6 months OR can demonstrate that they are breaking the cycle within their family through a self-assessment. 

Cycle Breakers are the village.

Give to a Fund or Support an Event


Champions for Change give $25

a month to the Community Fund.  The Fund supports clients in crisis and covers immediate needs.

Community Fund

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